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Shipthis is a next-generation software company that offers a true cloud-native, highly configurable, a freight management platform for freight forwarding, logistics, and supply chain industry. Our advanced and modern solution helps traditional freight forwarders, consolidators, shippers and NVOCC Operators to transform into full-fledged tech-based and truly digital freight forwarder.

Our solution encompasses the latest technologies and industry expertise together for comprehensive functionality, covering all the aspects of the freight forwarding lifecycle. We’ve built Shipthis as an array of full-stack cloud-based logistics management solution to deliver a truly digital, modern, exceptionally greater freight operations experience to their customer. We do this by providing multiple tools like CRM, Customer web and mobile apps, Freight management, Freight Rate Management, Full Featured Accounting, Quotation, and sales modules, allowing freight forwarders to streamline their freight operations, communicate and provide real-time shipment visibility to their customers more effectively. We Automate complex business workflows, use AI/ML to predict events, and integrate seamlessly with various different businesses and government bodies for regulatory compliance.

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Beneficios clave de Shipthis

-> Shipthis Freight Management ERP is built to boost freight operation efficiency by using smart and automated workflow, task management, and shipment lifecycle tracking.
-> Shipthis CRM for freight forwarders helps you gain visibility into sales, marketing, and customer support activities allowing you to focus on improving efficiency and profitability.
-> Shipthis offers a full-fledged GAAP compliant Accounting Module optimized for freight forwarding operations allowing you to gain greater insights into your financial performance, all in one place.
-> Shipthis Quotation Management module allows you to generate and send professional digital quotes to your customers instantly. Display a quotation form on your website for walk in enquiries and integrate all contract rates from carriers.
-> Shipthis Customer Portal enables you to digitize your customer experience. Your customers can request quotes, get quotes, track shipments, view their invoices, send messages and notifications using your own branded mobile/web-app.
-> Shipthis Tariff and Rate Management module allows you to automate freight rate sheets upload. Easily setup port charges, cartage charges, transportation, fixed charges, document and clearance charges, customer specific charges.
-> Shipthis Warehouse Management solutions provide automated support to optimize your warehouse operations and enables you to take active control of all goods movement and stocks management with a clear visibility of shipments.
-> Shipthis Vendor Portal enables you to manage, connect and network with global suppliers. Streamline all supplier interactions and communications effortlessly and drive improvements to your supply chain.


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Funcionalidades totales de Shipthis: 54

  • API
  • Actualizaciones en tiempo real
  • Alertas y notificaciones
  • Base de datos de clientes
  • CRM
  • Cargas de camión fraccionadas y compartidas
  • Contabilidad
  • Creación de informes y estadísticas
  • Cálculo del precio de envío
  • Datos en tiempo real
  • Documento de embarque
  • Entrega por avión
  • Envío de contenedores
  • Envío por vía marítima
  • Envío por vía marítima
  • Envío por vía terrestre
  • Etiquetado
  • Etiquetas de envíos
  • Expedidores internacionales
  • Expedidores locales
  • Facturación
  • Gestión 3PL
  • Gestión de almacén
  • Gestión de cargas de camiones
  • Gestión de clientes
  • Gestión de documentos
  • Gestión de envíos
  • Gestión de facturas
  • Gestión de inventarios
  • Gestión de la importación/exportación
  • Gestión de pedidos de trabajo
  • Gestión de proveedores
  • Gestión de reservas
  • Gestión de tasas
  • Importación y exportación de datos
  • Impresión de etiquetas
  • Informes personalizables
  • Integraciones de terceros
  • Integración contable
  • Integración de servicios de envíos
  • Intercambio de datos electrónico
  • Mapas geográficos
  • Notificaciones en tiempo real
  • Panel de actividades
  • Portal de clientes
  • Portal de clientes
  • Presupuestos y estimaciones
  • Seguimiento de actividades
  • Seguimiento de entrega
  • Seguimiento de envíos
  • Seguimiento de estado
  • Seguimiento de paquetes
  • Seguimiento de pedidos
  • Varias ubicaciones


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Azfar Q.
Calificación general
  • Sector: Logística y cadena de suministro
  • Tamaño de la empresa: 11-50 empleados
  • Software usado A diario durante Más de un año
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  • Relación calidad-precio
  • Facilidad de uso
  • Asistencia al cliente
  • Probabilidad de recomendación 10.0 /10

Very efficient, and super simple and intuitive to use

Revisado el 11-06-2019

Shipthis has been very helpful, we were able to migrate to shipthis platform quite seamlessly,...

Shipthis has been very helpful, we were able to migrate to shipthis platform quite seamlessly, their support team was excellent.
Currently, they have a support office in India, so due to timezones, they take a bit longer to respond to emails.
Overall, it has been wonderful, highly recommend shipthis.

Puntos a favor

Very fast
Lots of features and is modern and slick
Accounting module is very good
Accessible via mobile
Reasonably priced when compared to other products in the market

Puntos en contra

Doesn't have Warehouse & Inventory management
Cannot automate custom clearance tasks yet

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