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Un lugar para buscar, comprender, confiar y colaborar en datos, eliminando las barreras derivadas de grandes volúmenes de datos, entornos complejos y silos organizacionales. Saber más sobre Alation
IBM Cloud es un software de gestión de infraestructura en la nube que ayuda a las empresas a gestionar aplicaciones y datos en entornos de nube públicos, privados e híbridos. Los administradores pueden utilizar enrutadores, firewalls, túneles VPN y distribuidores de carga para manejar redes en toda la organización. Saber más sobre IBM Cloud
Contentverse is your all-in-one content and business process management solution. Easily upload files and find them when you need them. Securely share documents with colleagues and external parties. And run processes to collaborate with your remote team. You're never far from everything you need. Saber más sobre Contentverse
MANTA extrae y analiza información de los scripts SQL y configuración de ETL (extracción, transformación y carga, por sus siglas en inglés) para visualizar flujos de datos entre tablas de bases de datos, archivos, campos de informes y más. Saber más sobre Manta
Dataedo is a data catalog and database documentation tool. It supports metadata management and data governance through data dictionaries, business glossaries, database diagrams, data profiling, data lineage, and more. Saber más sobre Dataedo
Centralpoint by Oxcyon is a digital experience platform & content management solution for enterprises. The cloud-based tool allows users to control knowledge, data, documents, forms, emails, learning, compliance, & more whilst also providing features for managing employees, clients & partners. Saber más sobre Centralpoint
By combining technical data lineage and analysis of the uses of information, openAudit makes it possible to map/simplify/migrate an IS, for real digital transformation. Saber más sobre openAudit
Informatica's Cloud Integration is a cloud-to-cloud & cloud-to-premise application integration platform. It offers pre-built connectors to on-premise/cloud-based apps, databases, flat files, file feeds and social networks. The templates and process automation guides help build desired connections. Saber más sobre Informatica Intelligent Cloud Services
Accurity is the all-in-one data intelligence platform with many solutions for company-wide understanding and complete trust in your data. Suitable for business/orgs that require data management and governance, from start-ups, SMEs, to large-scale enterprise environments with specialist requirements. Saber más sobre Accurity
TIBCO Data Virtualization is a business-friendly data layer designed to help businesses break down data silos and make complex, distributed data easier to find, understand, and use. Saber más sobre TIBCO Data Virtualization
Oracle BlueKai es una plataforma de big data basada en la nube que permite a las organizaciones de marketing personalizar campañas de marketing en línea, fuera de línea y móviles con información más amplia y más accesible sobre audiencias específicas. Saber más sobre Oracle Data Management Platform
Aplas es un software de arquitectura empresarial que ayuda a las empresas a gestionar los metadatos de sus recursos de software para la gestión de proyectos, el código fuente y las herramientas de arquitectura empresarial; todo ello desde una plataforma unificada. Los miembros del personal pueden crear, rellenar y personalizar índices de componente... Saber más sobre Aplas
Select Star is a data discovery and governance platform that automatically analyzes and documents your data. Connect some of the most popular tools used in the modern data stack and start using the tool immediately to track where data is coming from, how it is being used, and by whom. Saber más sobre Select Star
Collibra is a cloud-based integrated data management platform that helps users get more value from their data. It includes data catalogs, flexible governance, and continuous quality control capabilities that allow staff members to take action on data to put health in the hands of analysts and researchers. It helps employees identify data quality... Saber más sobre Collibra
Azure Data Catalog is a cloud-based data governance software that helps users organize and manage their data assets. It provides tools to help team members create policies, manage access to data, and give insights into what's happening with the database. The software helps enterprises by providing a centralized location for managing all of the... Saber más sobre Azure Data Catalog
erwin Data Governance es una solución basada en la nube diseñada para ayudar a las empresas a rastrear datos y optimizar su valor, seguridad y calidad. Permite a los usuarios optimizar el cumplimiento normativo y la privacidad de los datos para facilitar la toma de decisiones e impulsar la transformación digital. Saber más sobre erwin Data Governance
Zeenea is the Data Discovery Platform built for everyone to find, trust, and unlock the value of enterprise data. Zeenea’s built-in scanners and APIs enable organizations to automatically collect, consolidate, and link metadata from their data ecosystem. Saber más sobre Zeenea Data Catalog
SAP PowerDesigner is a collaborative enterprise data modeling solution that can build connections between company requirements, language, and models using enterprise-level data architecture tools. Saber más sobre SAP PowerDesigner
Solidatus allows users to manage their data and unlock its true business value. Solidatus’ advanced lineage-first data management technology visually connects and maps data relationships across the enterprise – and across time – delivering a complete view of a user's data. Saber más sobre Solidatus
ThinkData Works offers a data catalog platform designed to improve the process of connecting, managing, and sharing data. Data professionals save time with unique features for indexing, ingesting, or virtualizing data, custom metadata management, and monitoring data health and use in real time. Saber más sobre ThinkData Platform
TIBCO EBX is a metadata management software designed to help businesses unify data intelligently for better access, trust, and control. The platform enables managers to streamline the entire data management lifecycle, which includes sourcing, storing, analyzing, and exchanging information. Saber más sobre TIBCO EBX
SAP BTP is a cloud-based platform that provides a complete solution for all business process management needs. It provides a system for building, managing, and integrating systems across the entire organization. It features an integrated approach to finance, accounting, and supply chain management. Saber más sobre SAP BTP
Infor Data Lake is a cloud-based data management platform that offers businesses the ability to store and access large amounts of information. It allows companies to store large amounts of unstructured data—such as documents, emails and other electronic records—and make it available for access by different departments within the company. The... Saber más sobre Infor Data Lake
data.world is a cloud-based metadata management software that helps businesses in streamlining data discovery, governance, and analysis processes. The platform can be used to organize data into charts, graphs, and reports. It also allows users to search for specific terms within documents which is helpful when they want to find particular... Saber más sobre data.world

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