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Organizations can streamline enterprise workflows using Chata’s real-time self-service analytics. Users can take in-the-moment short-term decisions based on data. Saber más sobre Chata
CONTEXTSUITE is an AI business intelligence solution that processes and delivers all conceivable data to generate in-depth insights based on visual analysis and dashboards, allowing valid, data-driven decisions to be made. Saber más sobre CONTEXTSUITE
APQP/PPAP Manager es un software de gestión de proyectos basado en la web que ha sido diseñado para ayudar a las empresas a iniciar, planificar, implementar, completar y realizar un seguimiento de los proyectos. La plataforma permite a los supervisores gestionar diversos tipos de proyectos, incluidos proyectos APQP/PPAP (planificación avanzada... Saber más sobre APQP/PPAP Manager
DataGardener enables companies to discover the best opportunities, create meaningful relationships, and fully understand their clients, suppliers and prospects by connecting rich information with intelligent technology. Saber más sobre DataGardener
ScientiaMobile is designed to help businesses streamline mobile user experience, device analytics, and image optimization operations. The application offers a device detection solution, which enables professionals to correctly interpret user agents (UAs), avoid false positives, and track trends of ongoing device models. Saber más sobre ScientiaMobile
Klar is the Single Source of Truth for your eCommerce business. You get all insights from your multiple datasources you need to grow - centralized and easily customizable to reflect your reality. Saber más sobre Klar
Deepbloo provides the deepest digital solution for Business development and Market intelligence in the energy sector. Extend your network and get updated with the latest energy tender. Sign up today for free! Saber más sobre Deepbloo
Klue is a competitive intelligence platform that provides insights across every department of every business. Saber más sobre Klue
AQuA Pro es un software de control de documentos que ha sido diseñado para ayudar a las empresas a crear, administrar y analizar archivos relacionados con los procesos de realización de productos, como APQP (planificación avanzada de calidad de productos, por sus siglas en inglés) y PPAP (proceso de aprobación de piezas de producción, por sus... Saber más sobre AQuA Pro
Turn empty metrics and visuals into context and insights with automated benchmarks for your KPIs and business performance. Saber más sobre Cream Analytics
Talent Ticker is a recruiting and staffing solution that allows companies to source candidates, manage a recruitment team, and automate outreach. Saber más sobre Talent Ticker
AWS for Data includes analytics, data center, and database management solutions that help businesses extract insights from data faster, combine and replicate data across multiple data stores, manage infrastructure for data lakes, and implement machine learning and predictive analytic capabilities in Saber más sobre AWS for Data
Sage Enterprise Intelligence is a cloud-based business intelligence solution for businesses of all sizes. Saber más sobre Sage Enterprise Intelligence
App Engine is a low-code application development platform that enhance business processes through pre-built templates, mobile application development, application deployment, and predictive intelligence through machine learning. The system provides an automated testing framework, which reduces risk and allows businesses to create tests using... Saber más sobre App Engine
Geo-Business intelligence tool WeMapSales enables sales organizations to map territories, monitor risk, and more via geospatial analysis. Saber más sobre WeMapSales
Datajoy is a revenue intelligence solution that unifies customer data from across your team’s apps and gives you machine language (ML) augmented insights to help you take action. It connects directly to both traditional CRMs like Salesforce and HubSpot as well as newer front-office cloud apps like Slack, GSuite, and Zoom. Saber más sobre Datajoy
Biron is a SaaS business intelligence solution that supports eCommerce leaders in growth by allowing them to better analyze performances and become more data-driven. Saber más sobre Biron
Software que engloba diversos módulos para la gestión de grandes compañías. Cada uno de ellos está enfocado en un aspecto concreto, y esta estructura modular permite a cada empresa personalizar su paquete de software, integrando las herramientas más adecuadas a sus necesidades. Saber más sobre Suite Visión Empresarial
PracticePro 365 is a unitized cloud practice management software with nine core features that run your firm, an all-in-one platform topped off with real-time visual dashboards. Saber más sobre PracticePro 365
Exply seeks to give an insight into the existing data with the help of interactive dashboards. It allows teams to visualize and analyze data from multiple sources in one place. Exply is designed with a very user-friendly interface for the personalization and configuration of reports. Drag-and-drop menus and single-click filters enable managers to... Saber más sobre Exply
Repozix is a collaborative digital marketing & social media reporting platform. It allows users to create insightful and rich reports using a powerful no-code report editor. Customizations and white-labeling features are available on a report and widget level. Saber más sobre Repozix
mytraffic helps businesses get location insights for any physical place across Europe. Drive more traffic, generate additional revenues and reduce risks thanks to data-driven decisions. Saber más sobre mytraffic
With Razzo, you can instantly get the info you need from the eCommerce data you need to see how your business is doing. Razzo gives you an easy-to-understand data widget that shows you your current and past business performance. Saber más sobre Razzo
myPARM BIact is a Business Intelligent software that has integrated control to convert insights into actions right away. Saber más sobre myPARM BIact
Brandwise is an enterprise-grade digitization application for brands to authenticate products and engage with consumers. It is powered by blockchain. Saber más sobre Brandwise
BI SAAS platform that enables brands and retailers to monitor and analyze data on prices, competitors, stocks, products, sellers, brand compliance, share of digital shelf so they can optimize their marketing, pricing, and sales strategy and make the best business decisions. Saber más sobre FlipFlow

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