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senegalCRM is a customer relationship management software that helps businesses manage clients, track leads, and automate processes across the sales pipeline. Administrators can create custom workflows to automate time-consuming tasks such as managing emails and contact information. Saber más sobre senegalCRM
A hotel CRM system that enables hotels to construct pre-defined market segments to more effectively target the proper audience for marketing initiatives. Saber más sobre Hotel CRM
Drop Delivery is the cannabis industry’s first and only all-in-one delivery management platform, with compliance reporting. Saber más sobre Drop Delivery
Averox Sales CRM is a cloud-based solution that helps businesses manage their sales pipeline and marketing leads more effectively, through real-time updates and analytics. Saber más sobre Averox Sales CRM
Answer client questions, make calls based on when they are up for renewal and track what they are doing with any web-connected device. Saber más sobre AgencySmart
Fitfactory CRM enables manufacturing SMEs to build strong customer relationships and share live work-order status with customers Saber más sobre Fitfactory CRM
Jigawatt is a sales and management solution for solar companies. Saber más sobre Jigawatt
Fireside is an all-in-one constituent management platform. The fully integrated software connects all of your data so that your CRM, website, and outreach initiatives are all in sync. You won't need to toggle between platforms, not even for emails or newsletters. Saber más sobre Fireside
StaffNet is made with deskless and remote teams in mind. Employees can take work wherever they go. Avoid any hiccups and mixups by clearly defining the job within the scheduled event and employees can do the rest and get to work! Saber más sobre StaffNet
Djaboo is an all-in-one CRM that allows small businesses to develop their business without multiplying applications. Djaboo helps you to increase your turnover by improving productivity and customer relationship management of your company. Don't waste any more time. Saber más sobre Djaboo
mloflo is the only mortgage CRM on the market that makes your business more efficient and shows you specific actions to grow your referrals and nurture your network. mloflo helps real estate businesses manage leads, email marketing, sales pipeline, reporting, and more. Saber más sobre mloflo
EntreTEK is an on-premise and cloud-based customer relationship management (CRM) solution that helps businesses streamline processes related to lead capturing, reputation management, online booking, and more on a centralized platform. The mobile CRM allows sales representatives to remotely access customer data, create notes, manage tasks, generate... Saber más sobre EntreTEK
Our ERP solution that enables businesses to manage expenses, projects, contracts, invoices, and more. Saber más sobre Yellow Jersey
Mautic is a complete all-in-one CRM and marketing automation software that helps you manage your follow-up with prospective students, scale and automate your digital marketing efforts, and track your results with customized reporting. Saber más sobre Mautic
FranConnect Sales is a CRM software built specifically for franchise businesses. It offers features that help nurture candidates, close deals, reduce cost-per-lead, and more. The software can be used to qualify and prioritize sales leads and track engagement throughout each step. Franchisors can access features such as personalized content,... Saber más sobre FranConnect Sales
Improve the management of your entire investment activity with our Front-to-Back solution dedicated to Private Equity and Non-Listed companies. Capital Venture provides investment and portfolio management alongside a CRM. Saber más sobre Capital Venture
Powerful CRM tool designed specifically for real estate agents and property developers. Saber más sobre Adlead
Flexio is an ERP system that includes accounting, purchases, sales, inventory control, services, contract management, among others. Flexio is designed to help companies work faster and with more control. Saber más sobre Flexio
PipeOneMe is a cloud-based software that helps businesses in education, retail, real estate, telecommunications, and other industries streamline customer communication processes by establishing two-way text-based interactions. It lets sales teams manage tickets, segment audiences, and access the pre-built message templates. Saber más sobre PipeOneMe
Salesbook is an innovative presentation tool for mobile sales teams. With Salesbook, your team can analyze customer needs and present a customized solution in the field so customers can try it instantly. Saber más sobre Salesbook
MadeMarket is a purpose-built customer relationship and deal management platform designed for investment bankers and capital markets professionals. Key management features include dashboards with auto-generated data, ready-built around industry pipeline metrics that monitor tasks, projects, and deal flows with dynamic customization capabilities. Saber más sobre MadeMarket
Nuvigant es una plataforma de control administrativo localizada en la nube. El sistema incluye CRM, análisis de indicadores clave de gestión, cálculo de presupuestos automatizado, gestión documental, notificaciones y alertas. Asimismo, puede integrarse con el módulo de firma electrónica avanzada. Saber más sobre Nuvigant
Repasat es un ERP en la nube para la gestión empresarial integral. La plataforma incluye un CRM, SAT, gestión documental, recursos humanos, administración de proyectos, distribución y logística. La aplicación es accesible en todos los dispositivos, desde cualquier navegador con acceso a internet. Saber más sobre Repasat
ePROMIS CRM Cloud is an application dedicated to customer relations. The tool aims to provide accurate data and retains the histories of all customer interactions. The ability to access a comprehensive communications history helps optimize all current and future business opportunities. Saber más sobre ePROMIS CRM Cloud
Fuel GMS is a guest communication management solution that helps businesses create messages to streamline guest engagement across multiple channels. The editor assists teams with creating engaging messages on a drag-and-drop interface using templates. Saber más sobre Fuel AI-Powered CRM
PlanProphet CRM and marketing automation software is a print and graphics industry with features tailored to your needs. Saber más sobre PlanProphet
Pega Sales Automation is a cloud-based solution that enables businesses to manage customer engagement, opportunity insights, guided selling, and other operations across the entire sales pipeline. With Pega Sales Automation, companies can personalize and automate interactions with customers and prospects, while improving sales performance by... Saber más sobre Pega Sales Automation
Foundry Bean Global Work System is a cloud ERP system with subscription billings and receivables, revenue management, vendor invoices and payables, general ledger, cash management, inventory, shipping, service contracts, human resources, and customer relationship management. Saber más sobre Foundry Bean Global Work System
Tailescape is a customer relationship management software that helps venture capital and private equity firms track deals, find new deal sources and manage relationships with portfolio companies. Saber más sobre TailEscape
Cloud-based platform that helps businesses manage customer communications, online reviews, sales leads, and more. Saber más sobre LeadsBase

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