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Editor de gráficos vectoriales estándar del sector
Adobe Illustrator CC es un software estándar de la industria de herramientas de dibujo vectorial y aplicaciones para gráficos digitales en impresión en papel, web, aplicaciones y animaciones de video. Saber más sobre Adobe Illustrator
Software profesional de diseño gráfico
CoreIDRAW es un software de diseño gráfico que permite a los usuarios crear diseños profesionales con ilustraciones vectoriales, diseño, edición de fotos, tipografía, herramientas de plantillas y más. CoreIDRAW permite crear, acceder y almacenar trabajos, gráficos web e impresiones en la nube a través de su aplicación web. Saber más sobre CorelDRAW
Software de gráficos de nivel empresarial
Inkscape es un software gráfico de negocios de código abierto. Este editor de gráficos vectoriales (en formato SVG) para Linux, Windows y OSX ofrece transparencias, degradados, edición de nodos, rellenado de patrones, exportación PNG y más. Saber más sobre Inkscape
Graphic & vector design software for creative professionals
Affinity Designer is a graphic design software, which helps creative professionals manage documents, create vector designs with gradients, blend modes, adjustments and effects, edit images, build artboards, and more using various built-in tools. Saber más sobre Affinity Designer
Herramienta de diagramación
OmniGraffle permite hacer un diagrama, un gráfico de procesos, un diseño rápido de página, un wireframe de sitio web o diseño gráfico. Saber más sobre OmniGraffle
Web-based vector graphics animation software
SVGator is an online vector animation software that helps businesses create self-drawing, morph, skew, and color animated vector graphics. Graphic designers can update illustrations, logos, and animations using the built-in library of elements, including business icons, symbols and animated avatars. Saber más sobre SVGator
Vector graphics software for creating comics & illustrations
Clip Studio Paint is a vector graphics software, which helps creative studios and artists draw and paint animations, illustrations, comics, manga, concept artworks, characters, and more using various tools including brushes, vector layers, color palettes, rulers, and 3D figures. Saber más sobre Clip Studio Paint
Vector graphic designing software
Vector Magic is a cloud-based and on-premise software designed to help businesses create vector images by converting JPG, PNG, and GIF bitmap image formats to SVG, EPS, PDF, AI and DXF vectors. Features include batch processing, transparency support, a segmentation editor, and image review. Saber más sobre Vector Magic
Vector graphic software with a built-in brush repository
Krita is a vector graphic software that helps businesses manage resources, render animations, create design layers, and edit text on a centralized platform. It allows graphic designers to customize brushes based on multiple specifications, such as shape, color smudge, and particle requirements. Saber más sobre Krita
Web-based scalable vector graphics (SVG) editor
Vecteezy Editor is a web-based SVG editing software designed to help businesses that allows anyone to edit, customize and create original vector designs before downloading. Saber más sobre Vecteezy
Program for 3D textures, animations, and computer graphics
Cinema 4D is a 3D software package developed by Maxon Computer GmbH which is designed to enable beginners and professionals to create 3D textures, computer graphics and animations, at high resolutions. It should simplify graphics workflow. Saber más sobre Cinema 4D
Animation tool for creating 2D drawings using vector graphs
Pencil2D is a free and open-source software (FOSS) designed to help businesses create two-dimensional animations using bitmap images and vector graphics. The application enables graphic designers to import images, upload and save files, add layers, and add, remove, or duplicate key frames. Saber más sobre Pencil2D
Windows-based graphic design tool for managing sketch files
Lunacy by Icons8 is a graphic design software for Windows which helps businesses modify and store sketch files in a centralized repository. It supports data import and export in various formats including PNG, JPEG, BMP, and PDF, enabling designers to view and copy CSS, XAML, or SVG design codes. Saber más sobre Lunacy
Easy computer drawing and graphic editing program
DrawPad is an easy-to-use image composition and manipulation program, and an essential tool for all types of graphic design projects. Saber más sobre DrawPad
Cloud-based vector graphics software for designers
YouiDraw is a cloud-based vector graphics software, which helps designers create HTML5 logos, website elements, drawings, icons, infographics, and more using various tools, templates, and effects. Artists can add rectangles, ellipses, and circles as well as concave, convex & gear shapes to drawings. Saber más sobre YouiDraw
Vector graphics software for filmmaking and game development
Houdini is a vector graphics software that helps businesses create multiple iterations, share workflows, build simulations, and create 3D models. The procedural modeling tool lets staff members maintain a construction history and create cityscapes, environments, and other surface topology models. Saber más sobre Houdini

Boxy SVG

Scalable vector graphics with built-in keyboard shortcuts
Boxy SVG is a scalable vector graphics editing software designed to help web designers & developers edit SVG files using various graphical objects. Teams can manipulate patterns, gradients, and paths directly on the canvas, whilst being able to synchronize app preferences between multiple devices. Saber más sobre Boxy SVG