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10 opciones de software

JailTracker es un sistema de gestión de cárceles que admite instalaciones correccionales locales, de condados y regionales, Departamento Correccional de Estado y correccionales juveniles. El software está especialmente diseñado para satisfacer las necesidades de información y gestión financiera de cárceles pequeñas y grandes. Saber más sobre JailTracker
VCS is a workforce management platform, which helps municipalities, law enforcement agencies, and police or fire departments create and schedule work requests for employees. Features include reminders, time clock, real-time updates, employee availability tracking, and reporting. Saber más sobre VCS
eFORCE Software provides solutions for public safety and law enforcement agencies regarding court and jail management and transportation dispatch systems. Key features include case and records management, case notes, warrant tracking, inmate accounting and management, API, and property logs. Saber más sobre eFORCE
Matrix is a web-based legal case management solution that enables businesses in the legal industry to manage documents, stakeholders, appointments, and more. Users can create reports, organize their data, and gain visibility into daily workflows, cases, or appointments from a personalized dashboard. Saber más sobre Matrix
Guard1 is a physical security software designed to help businesses automate facility security operations and monitor guard tours. It enables administrators to track field workers’ patrolling progress and real-time statuses such as completed, in progress, or missed checkpoints on a unified platform. Saber más sobre Guard1
eOMIS is an offender management application designed to help prison administrators manage inmates' health records, case histories, conflicts, and warrants. It enables organizations to streamline inmate management, electronic health records (EHR), community supervision, and risk assessment operations via a unified platform. Saber más sobre eOMIS
Offender360 by Tribridge is a cloud-based, mobile-ready jail management software for law enforcement & corrections agencies, with offender, pretrial and probation management tools, plus real-time data, CJIS-compliant technology, and more Saber más sobre Tribridge Offender360
SmartJAIL is a jail management system designed to track and manage the entire inmate incarceration period. With its automated features, Corrections Officers can instantly access inmate details and make informed decisions regarding the safety and security of their facility. Saber más sobre SmartJAIL
Tiger Track is an intuitive jail management solution that allows correctional facilities to streamline jail operations across the scheduling, booking, incident management, inmate management, visitor tracking, and commissary management processes. Saber más sobre Tiger Track
JAMS makes it easier for law enforcement to book, manage, and maintain accurate records of incidents and arrests. Its online, interactive booking software offers instantaneous data transmissions that can be accessed anywhere in the world by police officers, jail administrators and corrections managers. Saber más sobre JAMS

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